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Ganoderma Lucidum or Reishi Mushroom Used For Medicinal Purposes

I recently received a newsletter that further explains the health benefits of the mushroom used in these supplements and wanted to share it with you. The following is taken from the Beyond Organic Insider newsletter:

"Ganoderma lucidum, commonly referred to as Reishi (in Japanese) or Ling Zhi (in Chinese), is a bitter, hard mushroom used only for medicinal purposes and not for cooking. It is revered in ancient Eastern medicine and hailed as the "mushroom of immortality." The earliest mention of Ling Zhi was in the era of the first emperor of China, Shinghuang of the Ch'in Dynasty.
Ganoderma is a polypore mushroom, and can be strikingly beautiful, often emerging from a branch-like stem with a smooth upper surface that looks lacquered when wet. Because of this glossy appearance, Western mycologists called them "varnished conks" for many years. Users claim that Ganoderma can support lung and sinus health, and virtually every organ and system of the body including the liver, pancreas and heart. Ganoderma is commonly used among those patients who are under taking radiotherapy and chemotherapy to support overall health and nutrition.

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