I approached Dorne because I was interested in becoming healthy and fit so that I could give my brother a much needed kidney.  Dorne has guided me through this 2 year journey that has made me a stronger and more mindful individual! It is now six weeks post-surgery.  Getting into shape has been the most important thing that I could ever have done for myself!  I can't thank Dorne enough for her caring, nurturing guidance throughout my journey! I am so grateful to have met her.  I would recommend Dorne to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle, body, and mind! 

Yours truly,

~Cathy S. 


Is it actually possible to feel better about yourself – body, mind and spirit – at 66 than you ever did when you were younger? Or, to go from being someone who has always hated exercise, sports and especially breaking a sweat, to someone who actually looks forward to her 3 times weekly workouts? Well, I’m here to answer a resounding YES At age 65 the ravages of PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome and long term uncontrolled Diabetes had gotten the better of me, even after having lost 60 pounds over the previous decade and having made many significant life style changes. I knew I’d gone as far as I could alone and needed someone to guide & support me in the healing I knew my body was capable of. I’d been looking forward for decades to retirement and finally spending time with my husband of almost fifty years doing things like the traveling we had put off. I realized now that if that was to ever happen I had to reverse the direction I was heading…

That’s when synchronicity happened! A dear friend & colleague had just begun training – upon her chiropractor’s suggestion – at BALANCE PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING and said I just must come in and meet her trainer. (Working with a trainer was something I had never even considered!) With much apprehension I set up that initial appointment and have never looked back!

Dorne Jacavone, owner of BALANCE PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING, is what my husband would call ‘a little pepper pot’, just brimming over with energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and compassion. To find not just a personal trainer, but a personal trainer who shares the same Holistic Worldview as me, was true synchronicity! At the very core of what Dorne has to offer her clients is her unyielding belief that our bodies are capable of self-healing from almost any condition given the proper nourishment, exercise, stress reduction, toxin removal and emotional/spiritual equilibrium. This belief was a perfect fit for me given my training as a Holistic Counselor/Spiritual Director. 

Dorne’s clients also benefit from her wide circle of Alternative, Integrative, Holistic and Functional practitioner referrals. I am beyond blessed that my Integrative Primary Care Doctor, my Functional Nurse Practitioner (her referral) and my Holistic Personal Fitness Trainer work together to support me in my healing! AND IT IS WORKING! I feel younger, healthier and sexier than I ever thought possible! My weight continues to drop, my body is becoming sculpted and my long-standing diabetes is reversing…

Dorne combines many modalities into her practice – yoga, core strengthening, weights, balance & flexibility work, Integrative Nutrition, Essential Oils, Reiki, Intermittent Fasting, and many others, along with – and most importantly – her ability to be fully present and completely committed to each of her clients. And, did I mention FUN!!! Who would have ever thought that all this hard work and incredible results could also be FUN!!! I sure do now!

~Joanne H.


Over 7 years ago, I began training with Dorne.  Today, I am healthier, stronger, thinner, and happier, having reached goal after goal!  Dorne is a qualified trainer you can trust,  who will encourage and assist you on your own  fitness journey! 

~ Dana S.


Dorne is an amazing, knowledgable and motivating coach.  You will feel good about yourself and will learn a lot as you become a healthier person! 

~ Lynn P.


Dorne has literally been a godsend for me and my health.  I have struggled with severe bloating, acid reflux and gastritis for more than 10 years and as a result, my yearly endoscopy's had been showing signs of degenerative esophagus.  I spent some time with Dorne about 6 months ago and was complaining about how badly I was feeling when she started to talk to me about the benefits of eating whole foods and giving up certain trigger foods that could potentially be causing my failing health.  No one has ever gotten through to me like Dorne and I think its because she wasn't pushy, its 100% clear that she knows what she is talking about and most importantly she really cared about helping me.  Through her inspiration and guidance, I reworked my diet and have never felt better.  I am not bloated at all anymore, I have lost 8 pounds and my last endoscopy showed that my esophagus is totally healed.  She has truly changed my life forever.  

~Christina P.


We are a 78 and 79 year old couple who have been working out with Dorne for years.  She is an excellent personal trainer and health coach.  Not only does she encourage physical exercise, but stimulates you mentally.  Dorne is well versed in nutrition and advocates for a well-balanced diet of healthy protein and fresh fruit and produce.  Kudos to Balance and Dorne!!


Totally changed my life!! Less stress and anxiety.  Dorne is excellent.  Full of knowledge with an awesome heart.

~Rose S. 


When it came time for my wedding, Dorne worked with me to change my way of thinking. I was able to loose 10 pounds and zip my wedding dress without alterations!  Thanks my friend xo!

~Toni  C.


Dorne makes our class about exercise and so much more.  We discuss health issues, food issues, and environmental issues, all while having fun working out!

~ Arlene H.


Dorne has helped me stay motivated.  She has been a constant cheerleader during my journey to become healthier.  She is so inspirational and not judgmental at all!  

~ Steph G.


Balance offers an intelligent, safe, and yet rigorous workout  by a highly trained professional.  Dorne takes the time to work with you in order to achieve your individual capabilities and progress  I highly recommend Balance as part of your healthy living habits. 

~Matt H, Warwick RI